"The guys showed up at 7am when I was leaving for work. When I returned at around 4 they were almost completely done. New roof looks amazing"!  C.R.T  Charleston WV

" A guy with Roofing America stopped by my house and said he'd noticed some damage to my roof and wanted to inspect it at no charge to me. I told him that would be fine. After he got off my roof he showed my wife and I photos of missing shingles. We called our insurance company and filed a claim. Initially my insurance company didn't pay enough, but Roofing America fought with them and I received another check for the difference about a week later. They did an excellent job on the roof. I was impressed by how fast the whole process took place". A. S. J  Charleston WV


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" I was laying down to go to sleep, and I noticed water dripping from my bedroom ceiling! Roofing America had recently done my neighbors roof so I called and got their number. They were here in less than one hour and put a tarp on the roof at almost 11 pm! The next day they came out inspected the roof and said that the recent winds had caused severe damage to my roof and that I should call my insurance. My insurance company came out and said the roof needed to be replaced and gave me a check. Three days later Roofing America finished my house and I couldn't be happier! I would recommend them to anyone"!  L.M. A  Charleston WV


"Very professional. They did exactly what they said the were going to do. Very pleased with Roofing America."  R.L.S  Charleston WV

I had a leak in my kitchen so I sought out to find someone to fix it. A lady I work with had saw one of their trucks on the way in that morning and remembered their number. Turned out to be a huge blessing! I was between paychecks and was told by a friend to expect to pay a deposit to a contractor before they'd start work. I had to have it fixed so I called and had them come out. They informed me the roof was really old and needed to be replaced in the near future. Their total price was reasonable and they required no deposit. The day before the roof was to be put on, I had a financial issue arise and called Roofing America to see about just repairing the roof for the time being. A gentleman came out to my home and worked out a payment plan with me for the difference and went ahead and replaced the roof the following day!  J.R.P  Montgomery WV


"I was very pleased with the job they did. I was shocked when the guy came in and said they were done. It  only took them 9 hours"!  G.M.W Belle WV


"What's decision is there to make? If you're thinking about replacing your roof, call Roofing America! Such a painless and easy process".  J.V.W  South Charleston WV


"The guy who worked with us was so nice and very informative and didn't make us feel pressured to make a decision. We had them come out for an estimate, but decided to wait a while before making a decision. We waited 2 months before deciding to go ahead and replace our roof. We called them and they came straight out and set everything up and were on the roof the next day! They even honored the original estimate. Couldn't be more satisfied with the guys at Roofing America".  B.R.C  Campbells Creek WV

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